Saturday, April 01, 2006

One thing that Americans excel at

I was reading Watching America, a site where you can get translations of foreign news. I highly recommend it, as it's always neat to see yourself (and your countrymen) from the perspective of non-natives.

Today, I found an interesting article that lauds the way Americans teach their children about money and personal responsibility. It particularly mentions the Girl Scout cookie selling program:
The Girl Scouts Web site [RealVideo] flatly states that many successful American entrepreneurs got their start selling Samoas and Tagalongs [cookies]. Each box of cookies costs four dollars, which is at least 30% higher than the store price. Such a way to teach a child to make money! Isn't it a little too much? But as soon as we tried to sell our first box, I saw that no one was put off by the price.
The American experience is contrasted with the Chinese way of raising children.
American children are truly very practical, and begin to make and calculate money from childhood. They all realize the value of money early on, and don't neglect even a penny.
The article additionally mentions that American children are more conscious of others' needs, and spontaneously give to others in need, without parental prodding.

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