Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Apple for the Teacher

I'm publishing this on my first Mac. I choose the MacBook after I dropped my Gateway laptop on my desk. The screen broke, and, rather than get another PC, I decided to try a Mac.

I've seen a lot of users lately, in the crowds I hang around with. Many of the Physics teachers are sworn converts, raving about the ease of use, and the superior sound and graphics handling.

I've only owned it a few hours, but I have to agree that it is remarkably easy to use. In many respects, it handles very like my PC. Some things may require getting used to - tomorrow, I'm going to try to install some science software (Windows), and I'll blog about how THAT went. The MacBook was under $1400, and came with a camera above the screen - kind of neat. I'm going to load the something-or-other 11 part of the system, which apparently I have to do before I can load OpenOffice. That's the down side, it comes with really no software installed - not even Solitaire.