Saturday, October 08, 2005


United Learning has a really cool service. It provides video on demand to your desktop.

The state of South Carolina has bought a 3 year subscription for all schools in the state. The catch is, the teachers have to actually use it. If they don't make use of it, SC may not fund it anymore. So, if you work in SC, find out about it, and actually use it on a regular basis (PLEASE!)

I've already shown some of the videos in my science classes. They range from relatively short (15-20 minutes) to around an hour. They have been decent quality, aligned to the state standards, and have associated teacher's guides.

Think about it. As teachers, we're always trying to find good, visually-oriented instructional resources. We know today's kids are visual, not text-oriented. And the school or local library can't possibly stock a wide enough range of videos to suit us.

Enter the video on demand service. For a set fee, you can have a searchable index of classroom-ready videos. With a projection screen or an digital-to-analog converter for your TV, you can provide virtually unlimited access to teachers.