Saturday, December 11, 2010

E-Books for Science - FREE!

I found a site for middle- and high-school E-books.  They look useful - one of them covers labs for class - with PICTURES of the setup of equipment.  That part, I found a GREAT idea - how often have you hesitated to include a lab, because the diagram of the setup wasn't clear?

These books are, as the name suggests, modifiable.  Over time, you can create a book customized for the course you teach.

Here's the link to the site for high school physics books (called FlexBooks.

Here's the main site.

Bits and Pieces

Here's Apple's Steve Wozniak (yeah, the guy from Dancing With the Stars) on education.  

The debate over social media and networking in class continues, but, if the experience of a PA college holds true, then us fuddy-duddies who are skeptical about the value of the technology for education may be right.
Results released Friday showed that 25 percent of respondents reported better classroom concentration that week, while 23 percent found lectures more interesting and 6 percent reported eating better and exercising more.
Initial excitement about the NASA discovery of arsenic-based bacteria may be fizzling, as doubt grows about the discovery team's methods. 

Darn!  I was hoping that it was true.

Good news - Ed Week has a special section on technology, and it's downloadable.

According to CNN, 54% of Americans support the DREAM Act (which provides in-school tuition and freedom from deportation for non-American illegals under the age of 35).  I have STRONG doubts about the validity of that poll - the numbers are awfully high.  A lot of the outcome of polls depends on how they are worded.

I checked - it's a Gallup poll (they are QUITE often biased).  Go to see the actual question - note how it DOESN'T say that the act mandates in-state tuition prices, or that it would extend all the way to age 35.

Have you been hearing about US students falling behind?  (If you're teaching science or math today, this will NOT come as a surprise to you)  See the video.