Wednesday, December 01, 2004


If you haven't checked out the new Vernier GoTemp! and GoLink! probes, you're really missing something. The bundled software is slick and easy to use, and the set-up is simplicity itself.

We got a couple when they first came out (my husband and I are big fans of the Vernier people), and we've been more impressed the more we use them.

They've been designed for the beginner crowd that has never used science probes in the classroom. There's a exploration book ($15) that's designed for the upper elementary/middle school level student. If you'd like to see a sample, Click on this link.

In the Logger Lite software that's bundled with the probe, users can make use of a Predict mode, which fits right in with the constructivist methods of learning. You can see the red Predict Line on this screen shot.

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