Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Love Laptops

This is belated Valentine to my laptop. It is:
  • Convenient - I can take it most anywhere, and get some work done
  • Possessing an integrated wireless setup - I just need to find a coffee shop with a link, and I'm set
  • Making it easy to enter my grades right now. I just need to find the time, and it's a breeze.
  • not jealous of the time I'm spending with my OTHER laptop - that's the school's, and it's mainly used for the interactive response system (used with remotes) and showing the streaming video that SC has made available to us - free!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can see that you're really enjoying your laptop. Laptops and notebooks are so convenient during these days. Even I really did enjoy having my laptop with me. I can finish my work, and relax by watching video's on it. It's a wonderful experience and hassle free. I can even go to a coffee shop and have my laptop with me, and just do my stuff.

Anonymous said...

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