Friday, April 28, 2006

HQ - At Last!

It was the last, long day of a VERY long week - the upperclassmen were testing, in SC's version of an exit exam. Which meant, for the 9th grade, extra time in some of their classes, with no ability to let loose some steam roaming the halls.

Yesterday, it came to head - about 20 girls cut loose with a water balloon fight just after lunch. Today, the 9th grade is on punishment - escorted to lunch like toddlers, no privileges.

So, when I checked onto the state certification site, I fully expected to see that I'd still not been approved for a full professional certificate in science.

And I really needed it. The deadline for applying for National Boards is Monday. Without a change from temporary permit to certificate status, I couldn't apply.

Whoopee!! Hot diggity dog!!! It was approved, and I'd been marked an HQ - a Highly Qualified teacher. Which also made my principal and district very happy.

I got online as soon as the kids left, and finished the application. Then, I filled out the paperwork for the state payment of the processing fees.

Right after I left, it was off to the bank to get the papers notarized, and then to the post office to have them postmarked in time.

Sometimes, life is good. Very good.

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