Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nearly done!

I just found the information about a course I took through the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the 90s, that puts me over the top for getting my full certification status. They're issuing me a temporary certificate, with a permit to teach out of field. Once they receive the last 3 credits, I'm in for the full certificate.

At last!

If there is a lesson for all of us, it's keep the paperwork together. It took me months to pull all the information from my fast-fading memory cells. I've been attending classes and workshops for the last 17 years, since I first was certified. I never had to scramble for credits to renew. Usually, I had all the credits in the first year to renew four years later. Often, I was too cheap to pay for the credit, and just by-passed the chance.

Never more. It was a tight squeak, but I made it. Credits, Praxis, and all.

Christmas is going to be VERY, VERY good this year.

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