Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I've been informed that, due to the move to SC, I will need to take the PRAXIS II for Physics, Chemistry, and General Science.

When I heard that, I'll admit it, I panicked.

I was certified in OH as the last group of teachers that did not have the PRAXIS required. I'm probably admitting that I'm dumb, but I never thought that I would have to take a test at this late date.

Another teacher in my school hasn't passed it, either, so we're going to study the areas we're weak in (for both of us, Chemistry), and shore up any special topics we might need. Along with the usual grading, planning, and meetings (not to mention extra-curricular mandates).

I've since looked over the practice tests. Although they ask some challenging questions, most of it appears to be stuff I know. I do know this: if they ask me anything about equilibrium reactions, I'm going to assume I missed that question. There's no way a month's worth of cramming will prepare me for THAT!

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