Friday, May 06, 2005


I found this gem on the Joanne Jacobs website. Though he is not a technology or science teacher, I selected it because he writes about his struggle to teach in terribly difficult circumstances in London, England:
Possibly the choicest, fruitiest discovery of the extended Easter break was realising I'd contracted worms from my delightful students.

Threadworms. Pinworms. Intestinal parasites.

Think about that.

At some quiet, unnoticed moment, these paragons of hygiene, this new model army of well-scrubbed cherubs have passed from their hands to my hands trace fecal matter, and I have gone on to ingest the stuff.


I need to say that again, just once. Ugh.

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Lectrice said...

Gosh, thanks for the plug. I am in fact female. And this was, in fact, possibly my least dignified post. :)