Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I found this source of information about NCLB's impact on state education budgets. How does your state compare?

For teachers, the Department of Education site also provides the Teacher's Toolkit, which helps explain the provisions of NCLB, and how it could affect you, including information about becoming a Highly Qualified Teacher.

You can also get FREE (I love that word) video workshops on topics, including:
  • Math/Science

    Developing Computational Fluency in Addition and Subtraction

    Early Steps Count: Teaching Arithmetic to Prepare Students for Algebra

    Feedback: A Powerful Tool for Raising Student Achievement in Mathematics

    Measurement and Geometry: Building Conceptual Understanding in Young Children

    Patterns to Symbols: Algebra

    Standards-Based Differentiated Math

    Taking the "Dense" Out of Density

    Using Technology to Enhance Algebra Instruction

If anyone has any experience with these or other Teacher-to-Teacher workshops, email me with your take on them.

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