Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I haven't been posting lately, because I've been busy with family and job issues.

What's happening:
  • My daughter had the baby - a boy last week.
  • I've been working at Emerson, for a teacher out on back surgery. It only lasts about two more weeks, then it's back to day-to-day subbing.
  • My asthma has had another flare-up, leaving me in the hospital over the weekend. I'm fine now, just a little behine in everything.

I was at a workshop on Saturday on flight. You can find out information on this link.

Apparently, the curriculum (which I had an opportunity to examine - it was great!) was sent to all schools in the Ohio systems. You may want to check with your district's science supervisor or director of curriculum. It may be buried somewhere at the administration building.

Or, you could bookmark this link. They will be coming out with a DVD by summer, which they intend to supply for a small price (less than $10) to educators.

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