Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Traffic is Down, The Livin' is Easy

To mix metaphors.

I can see from the traffic patterns that summer doldrums have set in. Not with me, but many of the usual readers are playing hooky...so I'll just have to be both more enthralling than playtime activities, and more attuned to what readers want to focus on.

One thing I want to post on this summer is how to do things in blogs that enhance traffic. Those of you who are also bloggers may find those interesting.

For example, I just made a linked post, that took my traffic on Technology in Teaching (TeacherLingo version) to this site. That way, I can benefit from the higher traffic there to build the traffic here.

Another thing I'd like to spend more time on is techniques and strategies to enhance classroom management for improved student performance. Suggestions gladly accepted.

The technology of science is rapidly changing. Texas Instruments has released its new graphing handheld, and it's a doozie.

I'm still quietly exploring the worlds of podcasting and videocasting/videoconferencing. I had a few setbacks - a kid snagged my Ipod, my MAC had to be re-installed after I screwed up installing Boot Camp (I really must learn to read the manual), and I hurt my back this spring in an auto accident.

Things are better now. My life seems to be settling down, and I'm beginning to see daylight. I'll be setting up a 2-3 times a week schedule for posting - catch me at Technology in Teaching, and I'll see you there.


Satya said...

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nick said...

The technology always changing everytime. So, we must use the technology to improve the student performance. I agree.

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